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UNIDOP : Over 100 Senior Citizens Celebrate With Former Minister Iyom Josephine Anenih mni


Alzheimer's Disease Foundation (ADF) Celebrates United Nations International Day For Older Persons With Over 100 Senior Citizens In Anambra. 

Alzheimer's Disease Foundation (ADF) on Tuesday October 5 2021 put together an event at Ignatius Akubude Center, Amawbia, Anambra State to celebrate the United Nations International Day for Older Persons with this year's theme as “Digital Equity for All Ages”.

Founder and President of ADF, Iyom Josephine Anenih, mni, in her opening address reminded the Senior Citizens that old age was not a disease but a blessing from God and further encouraged them to strive to age gracefully while staying active physically mentally and staying connected to God spiritually.


Iyom further stated that in the past, everyone lived together as one big family in an intergenerational household and grandparents had the opportunity to  teach, cook and play with their grandchildren when they come back from school, but that is not the case anymore as their adult children have gone off to work and living with their young nuclear families.

During an interactive session, the senior citizens admitted that before the coming of ADF to the community they felt lonely , sad , depressed, sick and generally tired of living adding that it affected them mentally and health wise, and often times led to hypertension, talking to oneself, body pains which was a result of lack of exercise

Dr Uzoma Okereke from the Geriatric department of Emeka Ojukwu Teaching Hospital,  Nnewi, in delivering a health talk to the older persons thanked the Founder for all her good works and efforts towards fighting for the rights of older persons and also putting smiles on their faces, as such named her “Saint Iyom”. The name is as a result of the volunteering work she does which is not in any way an easy task.

He went further to state that dementia or Alzheimer’s can be prevented, but not curable. He thanked God for Saint Iyom who has not relented in creating awareness on Alzheimer’s Disease. He also said that Alzheimer’s is not restricted to a particular individual, that anyone be it young or old can be a victim of it, and when it starts it is non-reversible.

According to him, there are things to be done to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, some of which are:

Constant reading

The doctor encouraged them to always read and to never stop reading as it helps stop dementia and advised children to start early to prevent dementia by going to school, reading their books and the bible. He noted that 60 is known as golden age, that there are older persons with sharper brains than the younger ones and can easily analyze and solve problems.

Sleeping -  He also said that sleeping is very important and advised that everyone sleeps not less than 7 hours a day. He discouraged vigil for the older persons.

Music -  He went further to tell them how music is very good for their health. 

Fruits -  the doctor told them that fruits helps to improve sleep (it calms the nerves ). Fruits like banana, cucumber, carrot and watermelon should be taken often, but discouraged diabetic patients from eating banana. 

Foods -  The doctor went further to tell them that there are foods to be avoided by older persons. For instance, constant fried foods, ice cream and all junk foods should be totally avoided by older persons.  

Games -  games are good too for older persons, especially chess and monopoly as it involves thinking, thereby helps in keeping the brain younger and healthier. He also encouraged them to make out time to play games. 

Talking and interacting with others helps ease stress, so they are encouraged to always interact with others. 

Visitation -  The doctor went further to state how important visitation is. He advised them to learn how to check up on one another as it also helps a lot. 

Also, the doctor continued by pointing out how the rights of the elderly are ignored and beckoned on them to help  ADF  to make things easier for them.  Reminding them about the pandemic, he advised they always wash their hands as a preventive measure against contracting and spreading the Coronavirus.

In response to a question from one of the older persons at the event, the doctor suggested eating little portions of everything and lots of vegetables, fruits and nuts. 

The event rounded up with the distribution of relief items, and medical screening while the doctor administered drugs. 

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