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#NigeriaAt61: " Time To Reset Nigeria Sincerely " - Showunmi


' Lower The Rhetoric Of Division', Ace Political Analyst Segun Showunmi Charges Political Leaders.  

Segun Showunmi a Pan-Nigeria renowned Media Consultant cum political / public affairs analyst in his message to celebrate Nigeria's Independence has called on Nigerians to ' protect and nurture their diversity jealously. '

Read Text In Full : 

Independence Day 2021. 

It is crucial to state very clearly that as we celebrate this day, that all persons, tribes, ethnic groups, language groups, trade groups, cultural groups, religious groups in Nigeria are dependent on one another! 

Our diversity must be jealously nurtured and ruthlessly protected. We are indeed a great nation with an infectious level of hope. Once you step out of the domain of politics and look at the people, you may see so much that needs fixing, but I bet you that you will also see so much strength, so much determination and a whole lot of happiness in the eyes of our people. I believe that there is enough blame to go around all. None of our leaders can be too sanctimonious; otherwise, we could have done a lot better with ourselves. We must therefore stop the buck-passing, stop the acrimonious arguments and begin to look at things from a broader, more nationalistic perspective. 

I see a great future if we embrace it together, and we must do that. It starts with forgiving each other for all we might have done or said to one another, which may have altered our minds and got us thinking perhaps our amalgamation was wrong. No, our amalgamation was proper, it gave us our diversity, it gave us a rich country in floras and faunas, heathy biodiversity, beautiful scenery, lovely mountains and incredible valleys, a vibrant cultural mix, oh our options of foods, loads of genre of authentic African music, splendid cultural festivals and a whole lot of religiosity with all the energies it exudes, oh but above all, it gave us the people, the incredible people of Nigeria, we are indeed one of the luckiest nations of the earth. Despite our worries, we handled many a pandemic in a manner that makes you wonder how did we do it, we beat the forecast of doom, and we did it with the help of God and good old Nigerian spirit. 

I must call the attention of today's political leaders to the need to lower the rhetorics of division. Selecting people to manage our affairs in a democracy is no liberty to heat the polity. Perhaps, those in charge will do well to read the riot act to both southern and northern governors forums. Luckily they all have enough skeletons to help with the firm persuasion. We must not allow them to use their temporary positions and platforms to infuse unnecessary mistrust into our people. Whatever prize they hope to get is genuinely not worth the damage they are causing. 

We can build a great nation that is very prosperous and at peace with itself. We need to be just, fair and equitable, and all will be well. 

Prayer for the Nation 

Oh mighty sovereign LORD of the universe, thank you for all you are doing and have done for us Nigerians.

Forgive our transgressions, for they are many; you are oft-forgiving. 

In all ramifications, let this new year be for our nation Nigeria in the other of Isaac who sowed and reaped in the same year a hundred folds, especially in security, agriculture, wellness, peace and prosperity. Amen. 

We must know on this day that we are dependent on Independence. 

It is time to reset Nigeria sincerely. 

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