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'Go Out, Be The Best Version Of Yourself' - Segun Showunmi


" International Day Of The Girl Child" Segun Showunmi Writes Heartfelt Note To The Girl Child. 

Famous Media Consultant cum Public Affairs analyst Segun Showunmi on Monday penned down a note to celebrate this year's 'International Day of The Girl Child' with the theme ; 'Digital Generation, Our Generation' 

Showunmi a Former Spokesperson to Atiku Abubakar, the former Vice-President of Nigeria in his note urged the girl child to "Go out and be the best. " 

Read Note in full: 

Omoteniola Let me through you speak to the girl child. 

My darling daughter, the awesome and beautifully made girl child, I wish to share a few of my thoughts with you on this occasion, a day dedicated to the girl child. I have wondered just how special you all are to have an international day all to yourself; I suppose it is because the world has come to recognise that you are unique and that some societal challenges necessitate the need for a day that focuses on you. 

I believe that old prejudices are giving way to new realities of just how endowed you are. Society is beginning to see what your mothers and grandmothers, the former “girl child”, have had to contend with and how it now wishes to move the glass ceiling away to grant more equality to all without the prejudicial discriminations that exist. 

You, my dear, have to seize the moment, be assured that you have worthy examples all around you of female outliers who must stand as inspirations and mentors for your dream. The more you believe it and work hard to self improve yourself, the more you will realise that any glass ceiling that you may see or have heard of are, like they have been appropriately named “a glass ceiling”. They are not made of concrete or metal; as such, with a bit of determination, they can and will be shattered. I trust and believe in your innate abilities. 

My dear girl child, go out and be the best version of yourself. Technology has made the whole place more accessible, for it is now all within your reach. Happy International Girl Child Day.

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