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WOMEN PARTICIPATION : "Increase Women Slots In NWC," Onaiwu Challenges PDP


Onaiwu Challenges Party To Increase Slots For Women In NWC 

... Says Women Cannot Be Limited To Position Of 'Woman Leader', Advocates For Auditor, Treasurer Positions For PDP Women. 

Ahead of its national convention slated for October 30, 2021, the pioneer Director General (DG) of Nigeria Governors' Forum (NGF), Osaro Onaiwu, has challenged the leadership of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to increase women slots in the party National Working Committee (NWC).

Onaiwu, who tasked the PDP to increase the women slots in the national and states NWC, charges the party to set a good example for other parties to follow.

He noted that across the world, the clamour for more political slots for women is on the increase, adding that the world is going global where women are taking major roles in the society.

Onaiwu specifically urged the party to reserve the positions of Auditor and Treasurer for the women, aside the Woman Leader's position that was made available for them by the party Constitution.

The Pioneer DG noted that the position of Woman Leader is too meagre going by the role being played by women in the party.

Onaiwu further noted that women are the highest participants in elections, pointing out that women deserve to be compensated with more slots in the party, both national and states.

He observed that since the leadership at the national gave women a slot in the NWC, the states also took same position, allocating the Woman Leader position to them.

Onaiwu advocated that the narrative should change, adding that PDP should pioneer the move to allocate more slots to women in the party.

"It is not fair that only the position of Woman Leader is given to the women both at the national and the state. There is need to increase the slots for women in the party.

"Substantive positions should be given to them and not deputies. Women participate in politics more than men, you will observe this during election period and they are also more vulnerable. We should consider more slots for them.

"National convention is around the corner, just few weeks to go. The PDP should change the narrative and make available more slots for women, especially the positions of Auditor and Treasurer, aside the Woman Leader."

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