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"Bandit Lover Vs Bootlicker" Adesina, Gumi In Battle Of Words, Exchange Cheap Shots


"You’re A Bootlicker " Sheik Gumi Fires Back At Femi Adesina For Calling Him 'Bandit Lover.' 

The special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr Femi Adeshina on Thursday while reacting to the statement credited to Gumi that the military offensive would not work and that the bandits “are going nowhere”,  said “A bandit-lover is on record as saying a military offensive would not work, and that the bandits “are going nowhere.” True? False. They are going somewhere. And that is: hell.” MediaOrchid recalls. 

Sheik Gumi in his to Mr Adesina in a write up titled “WAR HAS NEVER BEEN A SOLUTION ANYWHERE ANYTIME” called  Mr Adesina a fool.

Read Gumi’s Statement In Full : 

" You bootlicker that called me a bandit-lover! I am not one, but my country-lover, my region-lover, my state-lover, and my people-lover, and humanity-lover.

" I am a qualified Medical Doctor who knows what it takes to precisely excise a brain tumor without destroying the delicate surrounding brain tissues.

" I was a commissioned military officer who knows what the military is for and what is the capability of our military. I am an intellectual with a Ph.D. from Abroad. I am an Islamic scholar who knows the immorality of killing innocent lives. So, silence for me in this ocean of oblivion is not an option.

" Only a fool would allow his dwelling to be a theatre of war. Unfortunately, how many fools are there. Killing rats in your rat-infested sitting room with an iron rod will only end up destroying your gadgets and furniture probably without killing any. We should not mask out poor governance with artillery power.

" Some disingenuous people say: peace and negotiations with herdsmen bandits have failed, and your mission has failed!" 

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