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[VIDEO] : Exposed EFCC Officers Return To Dorathy’s Apartment To bully, Destroy Property


EFCC Officers Exposed By Dorathy Bachor Return To Bully Her, Destroy Properties For Disgracing Them. 

The 'Power drunk' officers from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have  been reported once again to have stormed the residence of the Nigerian entertainer Dorathy Bachor located at Lekki, Lagos on Monday evening.

The officers who had invaded her residence earlier on Monday were humiliated by Nigerians across social media platforms after Dorathy shared pictures of their barbaric and unprofessional invasion of her apartment at 4:00am over purported search for Internet fraudsters.

Officers of the EFCC have been breaching privacy of Nigerians especially in the southern parts of the country for several a long time with too many reports of their conduct in past few weeks. 

On one occasion, EFCC officers broke into hotels and residential apartments without knocking invading privacy and even storming hotel rooms&residences where  people's wives and young girls lay asleep stark naked. 


Last month, the anti-graft office suffered immense public ridicule for breaking into Parktonian Hotel in Lagos, horrifying Nigerians and foreign investors who had lodged there.


A spokesman for the EFCC later justified the act of storming in on naked men and women as necessary because some Internet fraudsters have perfected the tactics of using women as shields to evade arrest.

On Monday evening, the EFCC again justified breaking into Dorathy’s apartment, saying only those who have anything to fear would be concerned about invasion of privacy.


Shortly after the statement was circulated, reports emerged again that EFCC operatives returned to the apartment, breaking in and harassing residents for filming their earlier invasion and circulating it online.

This evening’s raid was captured on Instagram live by Dorathy’s sister, and it showed an officer knocking a man separately filming the incident to the ground and breaking his device.

A spokesman for the EFCC did not return request for comment.

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