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PDP Crisis: NWC Call For Resignation Of Chairman Uche Secondus


Plead With Party Members To Remain Calm, As Leaders Work To Resolve Crisis. 

Members of the National Working Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have called for the resignation of the party's Chairman Prince Uche Secondus 

The decision was taken at the emergency meeting that held on Sunday. 

Read Press Statement In Full: 


Sequel to the meeting held on the 3rd of August 2021 at legacy house where members of the National working committee (NWC) sat and decided that a meeting of the National working committee (NWC) should be held on the 8th of August 2021 at Hilton to further deliberate on the matter bedeviling the party, the meeting held and extensively deliberated, 9 members of the National working committee (NWC)  agreed that the National chairman Prince Uche Secondus has grossly mismanaged the party ,highly incompetent, factionalized the party and has lost the confidence of members of the party.

The matter of his resignation was put to vote , 6 members voted that he should resign and 3 members abstained from voting, therefore the meeting resolved to forward the resolution taken on the 8th day of August to the governors forum, the BOT, the national assembly caucus of both house of representative and the senate.

We call on all members of the party to remain calm as the party leadership is working tirelessly to resolve the leadership crisis.

In attendance were.

(1). Sen. Suleiman Nazif-- Deputy national chairman (north)

(2). Sen. Umar Ibrahim Tsauri -- National secretary

(3). Alh. Mai Adamu Mustapha --National Auditor

(4). Abdulahi Maibasira -- National Financial Secretary

(5). Rt. Hon. S.K.E. Udeh-Okoye ----National youth leader

(6). Amb. Taofiq Arapaja --National vice chairman (SW)

(7). Chief Dr. Ali Odefa National vice chairman (SE)

(8). Chief Dan Osi Orbih --National vice chairman (SS)

(9). Chief Theophilus Dakas Shan National vice chairman (NC)

Those who voted in favour that Prince Uche Secondus should resign were

(1). Sen. Suleiman Nazif --Deputy National chairman (N)

(2). Alh. Mai Adamu Mustapher --National Auditor

(3). Rt. Hon. S.K.E Udeh- Okoye - National youth leader

(4). Amb. Taofiq Arapaja --National Vice Chairman (SW)

(5). Chief Dan Osi Orbih National Vice Chairman (SS)

(6). Chief Dr. Ali Odefa National vice Chairman (SE)

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