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Onaiwu Commends Obaseki Over Case Of Edo College Students


Founding DG Governors Forum Osaro Onaiwu Commends Gov. Obaseki's Response To Barbaric Treatment Of Edo College Students. 

The founding Director General of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Governors Forum and a leading politician from Edo State, Earl Osaro Onaiwu in a statement signed by him and released on Tuesday August 3 2021 commended the State Governor, His Excellency Godwin Obaseki for the swift action taken, so far, by suspending the School Principal and the House master of Edo College, Benin City where the barbaric and brutal incident of some students maltreating their fellow students that was captured in a video which went viral a few days ago, occurred.

By the timely action, the Governor has sent a strong message to other schools that the government will not condone such inhuman treatment, saying the school environment should be conducive for both academic learning and extracurricular activities that will build the students into becoming responsible members of the society.

According to Earl Osaro Onaiwu, “I was shocked to my bones and marrow and barely able to view that video because of the sheer soulless and determined inhuman treatment meted to a fellow student by another. It was really bizarre and I condemn it in the strongest terms. Continuing, he said, this is not the way we are in Edo State and we don’t appreciate this kind of debasement”

With a sense of nostalgia, the prominent Edo politician recalled that growing up in the old Mid-Western State, the school system which has transformed into the present day Edo State, was a model of stable moral building and training ground which was enviable in terms of the high standards of education and quality of human values that was inculcated in the students. He wondered where we could have missed it for fellow students to inflict such level of brutality without compunction or anyone calling for restraint from the perpetrators. 

Earl Onaiwu further urged the Government to invite both the parents of the perpetrators and victims to a face to face interface and also, to emphasize that the measures put in place to protect young people schooling in Edo State have penal consequences for those who contravene them. In this way, parents will have confidence that their wards are not in danger going to schools within the State.

“And importantly, I want to advise parents to observe their children for signs of weird dispositions or uncivilized conduct that can lead to societal menace, if not checked on time. The school administrators should cooperate with government by reporting any untoward action by students under their stewardship in order to avoid the occurrence of this kind of shameful incidence in the future”, concluded the Statement.

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