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ZAMFARA : Mahdi Aliyu Gusau Reiterates His Commitment To PDP


Deputy Governor of Zamfara State, Mahdi Aliyu Gusau Addresses Supporters, Vows To Stand With The People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Zamfara.

Mahdi speaking during a press briefing said,  "I will continue to stand by our Party and the people who stood by us at our time of need" 

As Zamfara State Governor Bello Matawalle defects to the All Progressives Congress (APC), three senators, five members of the House of Representatives and 18 members of the state House Assembly have indicated interest to decamp with the governor to the ruling party.

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Fellow Citizens, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, 

" I find it necessary to address you this morning on behalf of myself, my family and indeed members of our great Party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on whose platform, through an act of sheer divine providence, I and my boss, His Excellency Dr Bello Mohammed Matawallen Maradun, were jointly saddled with the onerous responsibility of running the affairs of our State for a 4 year term by the Supreme Court of Nigeria in a hallmark judgement that has been adjudged as one of the most compelling in the history of Nigerian jurisprudence. 

" No matter how one looks at it, the bottom line is that every single action right from the unnecessary intra-party disagreement on the part of the opposition which culminated into the court case, to the eventual judgement which gave victory to the PDP, everything was specifically ordained by Allah SWT to pave way our Party’s emergence as winners in an election in which we came a distant second, with a mere 1/5th of the total votes cast. By this singular act, Allah SWT asserted HIS position as ultimate the giver and taker of power, so that our faith in HIM can be renewed. “O Allah! You give power to whom YOU will and YOU take power from whom YOU will.” (Quran 03:26 Surah al-Imran)

" Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, in the past several months, like everybody else, I have come across several news items and features in the media concerning the likelihood of a possible defection by His Excellency from our Party the PDP to the All Progressive Congress (APC). As his number 2, and since he hasn’t mentioned it, I have always refrained from making comments on this particular issue, which in all honesty I considered a mere rumour up until now having heard his formal declaration on the media. 

" I wish to state for the records, at no time have I been informed of any planned defection either by my boss nor the Party nor anyone else for that matter. I have also not been invited either in my official or personal capacity for any planned defection. For all intent and purpose it is obvious, the decision to leave me out is deliberate, and perhaps another ploy to show discontent in my relationship with His Excellency. 

" I wish to seize this opportunity to extend my sincere regards and good wishes to His Excellency over his decision to defect to the APC. I, like Millions of other Zamfara citizens pray that with this bold move, His Excellency will further apportion more energy in addressing the myriads of challenges faced by our people. It is worrisome, despite Excellency’s spirited efforts, our State which is ranked Number One in politicking is also ranked the lowest in many key developmental indices. I’m positive a lot can be achieved with renewed vigour, focus and a more purposeful leadership.  

" With the defection of His Excellency, the Executive Governor to a rival Party, it seems fate has yet again thrown another challenge at me by placing me squarely at the helms of the biggest and strongest opposition Party in the State. At a relatively younger age than my colleagues in other States, the pressure of serving under an unpredictable boss has been very daunting to say the least. As always I thank Almighty Allah for the opportunity to serve my people in this capacity and look forward to this added responsibility.     

" After due consultation with my family, friends and supporters, especially the members of my Party, the PDP, I have decided to remain in my Political Party, the PDP, while continuing to serve His Excellency and the State in my elected capacity as Zamfara State Deputy Governor. I will continue to stand by our Party and the people who stood by us at our time of need. I wish to reiterate my unflinching belief in Almighty Allah and accept the consequences of my decision in good faith knowing it is ONLY Allah who gives and takes.   

" I wish to extend my appreciation and regards to our supporters and the good people of Zamfara State for their resilience, understanding and support. I wish to thank His Excellency, Dr Bello Matawallen Maradun for the brotherly gesture and trust. My immense love and respect goes to my family for blessing my sojourn into politics even though deep down I know they are not disposed to my participation.  

" Finally, Alhamdullilah for the opportunity to serve as a positive role model to the youths. If I can, so can you! 

" Long Live Zamfara State, 

" Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria 

" Long Live PDP, " he added. 

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