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"Who Is Afraid Of Sam Daddy?" Sen. Anyanwu Fires Back


RE-SamDaddy Anyanwu : Time To Give Account Of Stewardship.

..... " Who Is Afraid Of Sam Daddy?" 

Senator Samuel Anyanwu in responding to a publication circulated and alleged to be a deliberate smear campaign against him issued a press statement on Thursday July 15 2021. 

Read Statement in full : 

" Above is the caption of a badly written article by an unknown writer who wrote out of hatred and churned out to the public with the intent to discredit most Distinguished Senator Samuel Anyanwu (Samdaddy). 

" Regrettably, both the Writer and his sponsor did not know how badly they shot themselves in the leg by thinking towards this direction. Perhaps, that is why they are afraid of him!

" In the said article, the unknown Writer, while working on the directive of his sponsor struggled to present issues he does not have enough facts and figures to buttress, hence completely embarrassed himself and his paymasters.

" Wallowing in vacuum to reduce the towering image of Distinguished Senator Anyanwu who has through his leadership principles and administrative dexterity, the Writer tried unabatedly to deceive the public thinking that everyone is as gullible as himself and his sponsors.

" Presenting the soft and petty essay with unpolished, harsh and vulgar language, asking what were the achievements of Distinguished Senator Anyanwu at the Senate and the committee he headed, the Writer forgot that his sponsor’s image is on a serious trial. 

" Since it has become obvious that the unknown Writer did not make enquiries before dabbling into an issue that is bigger than him, it is imperative to let him and his “push and start” sponsor to know that Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions headed by Senator Samdaddy as a first timer was rated the most effective Committee in the 8th Senate. 

" Evidence of this was the award of Distinguished Honour bestowed on Senator Samdaddy by his colleagues during the tail-end of the 8th Senate.

" Here, we can only forgive the fugitive writer and whoever that paid him to take such risk to have a look at SOME of Senator Samdaddy’s giant strides and go ahead to remain silent all the rest of their lives.

" In his quest to make Owerri zone, the South East geopolitical zone and Nigeria at large the center of attraction, the following Bills, Motions, and projects were carried out by Distinguished Senator Samuel Anyanwu:


1. Bill for an Act to Establish the South East Development Commission (SEDC).

2.Bill for an Act to Establish Postgraduate Physiotherapy College of Nigeria 

3. Bill for an Act to Establish Alvan Ikoku Federal University of Education, Owerri (From College to University)

4. A Re-Enactment Bill on the Public Complaints Commission Act, CAP P37 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria. 

5. A Bill for an Act to Establish The Federal Task Force on Revenue Defaulters, Piracy and National Heritage Protection of Nigeria.


1. Passing a vote of confidence on the leadership of the 8th Senate. A landmark motion which stabilized the squabbles that engulfed the Senate following the emergence of Bukola Saraki of APC, as President and Ike Ekweremadu of PDP, as Deputy Senate President contrary to the wishes of APC leadership.

2. Mandating State Governors to conduct Local Government Elections.

3. The urgent need for the Senate to look into the Amnesty Programme Performance in the Niger Delta region (Imo state inclusive as oil producing state)

4. The Looming crises in the Aviation Industry, a potential danger to Air safety and operations.

5. The pertinent need to Establish Modern Abattoirs across the states of the Federation.

6. Recruitment into the Nigerian Police Force, the need to adhere to Federal Character guiding principles.

6. Announcing the Demise of His Majesty, Eze Pharm. Emmanuel Osuji Njemanze

7. Announcing the demise of HRM Eze Senator Isidore Obinna Obasi


1. Construction of solar powered borehole at Timber Building Materials Market


2. Construction of Atta - Amaimo - Obohia, Afor Ogbe road, Ulakwo Junction - Seat of Wisdom Seminary Road, 

3. Construction of Ring roads in "Area H" New Owerri known as Goddy Esom Obodo Road 

4. Construction of Eke Nguru Orie Ihitte road

5. Construction of Nkwerre Street road at Works Layout, Owerri Municipal

6. Sinking of solar powered boreholes at Arugo Park, Umuokpu Emeabiam, Amakohia Ubi, Ulakwo Enyiogugu, and Umudagu Mbieri  respectively.

7. Installation of Transformer at Obohia Ekwerazu

8. Renovation of community Primary School Ogbe Nneishi, Ahiara 

9. Provision of Cold Room facility at Afor Ogbe 

10. Construction/Fencing with gate of St. Patrick’s Primary School Umuokirika Ekwerazu

11. Completion of Nnarambia Farmers’ Cooperative Town Hall, Ahiara Mbaise 

12. Construction of a block of 2 Classrooms with Office and store at Town School Umuedo Obohia , Ekwerazu

13. Construction of roads links/ bridges between Ogwuama community, Ahiazu Mbaise and Okwu Ikeduru

14. Construction of Water Borehole at Nnemere Mpam, Ahiazu Mbaise

15. Construction of Solar Powered Water borehole at Umuduruji Umuokirika, Ahiazu Mbaise

16. Renovation of Community Primary School Egberede Nguru

17. Provision of Cold-room facility at Afor-Ajala Market, Nguru 

18. Construction of solar powered borehole at St. Michael’s Catholic Church Olakwo Enyiogugu

19. Design/construction of Eke Nguru-Eziala –Ihitte road, 4km

20. Construction of Solar –powered borehole at Egberede Nguru

21. Renovation of Oke Ovuru Secondary School

22. Construction of Civic Centre at Umungakwu Egberede Nguru

23. Construction of Solar Powered Borehole at Afor Enyiogugu Market Square

24. Construction of motorized borehole at Umuogu Amuzu

25. Construction of Civic Centre at Umungakwu Egberede Nguru 

26. Construction of Solar powered borehole at Nkwo Eziudo

27. Renovation of Community Primary School Oboama

28. Design/Construction of Ihitte to Orie Onuoha Onicha road, 10km

29. Design/Construction of Ihitte to Eke Nguru road – 4km

30. Construction of solar powered borehole at Umualigbuo Ubonukam Onicha

31. Construction of Motorized borehole at Nkwo Mbaise market square

33. Attracting Rural roads and water sanitation under Ministry of Agriculture across Owerri zone

34. Emergency repairs and rehabilitation of Awaka –Ezeogba Emekuku Mbaise –Umuahia road (this road was fixed after Imo state government abandoned it)

35. Emergency repairs and rehabilitation of Akabo-Ekemele road (this road was fixed when it became unbearable for vehicle users. Remember that the Imo state government abandoned it)

36. Emergency repairs/ rehabilitation of Nkwerre Street, Works Layout, Owerri 

37. Design/Construction of Ikeduru Afor-Oru-Afor-Ogbe road

38. Construction of Owerri–Aba with spur at Ulakwo junction to Seat of Wisdom seminary Okpala

39. Rehabilitation of Aba-Owerri road with spur at Ulakwo-Umuneke road, Ngor-Okpala

40. Construction of hostel blocks at Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education and the

Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri respectively 

41. Development of Industrial Leather Cluster at Ikeduru LGA

42. Construction of Civic Centre at Mechanic Village Owerri

43. Skill Acquisition, facilitation of Employment and Empowerment of Youths in Owerri Zone

44. Training and empowerment of youths in the production of renewable energy

45. Construction of a block of 2 classrooms with Office and Store at Amaimo Central School, Ikeduru LGA

46. Construction of Palm Oil Processing Plant with complete accessories at Egbelu Ikeduru LGA 

47. Design/Construction of Orie Akabor to Afor Uzoagba, Ikeduru 7km

48. Construction of road with link Bridge (Onuakpaka) between Okwu Ikeduru and Ogwuama Community in Ahiazu Mbaise

49. Design/Construction of Nkwo Emekuku – Uzoagba – Ngugo road, 7Km

50. Design/Construction of New Owerri Internal road

51. Construction of Mini-Sports Stadium at Amaimo Ikeduru LGA

52. Construction of Primary Health Care Centre at Ugirike, Ikeduru LGA 

53. Construction of Eke Nguru Aboh Mbaise to Eziala Ihitte, Ezinihitte Mbaise

54. Construction of Ikeduru to Afor Ogbe in Ahiazu Mbaise

55. Construction of Uratta Toronto junction to Orji Okigwe Road

56. Construction of Orie Akabo-Afor Uzoagba road 7km

57. Construction of Obazu Mbieri-Iho road 5km

58. Construction Of Ogbaku Ifakala-Nworieubi Rd.

59. Construction of Orji - Nkwerre st. -Mechanic village 5km.

60. Construction of Iwuanyanwu Boulevard Internal roads 6km

61. Construction of Ahiazu-Aboh Mbaise to Emekuku Ring road 18km

62. Construction of Amaimo Internal roads 6km.

63. Construction of Oforola - FECOLART road.

64. Construction of Ahiara Mbaise - Lude- Obohia/Ikeduru road 6km

65. Erosion/ Flood control works at Ihitte Ubi Oparanadim in Ahiazu Mbaise etc.

" These projects as listed above and others not attached herewith are verifiable; this is why we cannot join issues with mischief makers in a public fight but our records are at liberty to answer those questions.

" Just as it is difficult to convince a lady desperate for marriage to leave a man that has proposed to her for another suitor, same way these traducers will never believe in our achievements owing to the fact that they are out for campaign of calumny but to their peril.

" The only thing we keep telling them is that we got the capacity for delivery. Let them continue to churn out empty vibes to curry favour or to score cheap political relevance, yet it won’t save them from awaiting political calamity.

" Our advise to them is to turn a new leaf and concentrate on their mandate, with the conviction that it remains their last slot on that seat as darkness has no capacity to comprehend light.

" A word is enough for the wise, "he added. 

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