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VIDEO: Outrage As Armed Security Operatives Supervise Intimidation, Destruction Of Shops In FCT

Security Operatives, Supervise Intimidation Of Business Owners, Destruction Of Shops In FCT, Following Argument With Staff Of Supermarket

.... Threaten To Shoot Business Owners For Querying Action. 

Reports reaching the news desk of MediaOrchid reveals that residents and owners of various businesses in 2/2 area in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja were thrown into panic as a group of men stormed the area on Tuesday July 27 2021 at about 12 noon. 

According a source who pleaded anonymity, an official or FCDA walked into a popular supermarket Seaman Supermarket in 2/2 Kubwa area on Monday July 26 2021 and in a bid to purchase some items made to intimidate a staff of the supermarket. 

An argument ensued and the staff of FCDA threatened to not only shutdown the supermarket but also destroy other shops in the area. 

Watch Video : 

According to eyewitness speaking with MediaOrchid correspondent, the men who were accompanied by gun wielding police men refused to identify themselves. 

The policemen were alleged to have threatened to shoot at business owners and passers-by who made to enquire who they  were seeing that no branded vehicle was seen in the vicinity neither did the men respond to questions asking who for their identification and what office they were from. 

An eyewitness in the area who identified himself as ozovehe Abdulmajid speaking with MediaOrchid correspondent lamented over the action of men suspected to be officials of FCDA. 

" They came without informing us and without any prior warning, and just destroyed our shops,  this government is heartless." 

Another business owner identified simply as mama Chisom a restaurant owner when asked by our correspondent if she was given any warning before the incident said, 

" Nobody told us anything, we just saw caterpillar destroying shops and when we asked they said we should shut up.

" Just look at how they poured away my food, my hard earned money." she added. 

Another eye witness and and popular Igbo  business man who chose to remain anonymous revealed that  a certain mallam known as "Mai Shahi" who owned a provision shop in the street, was not only allowed to pack his goods but was also aided by one of the men to move his goods before his shop was demolished. 

Lamenting further he said, 

"  The manner in which the government has been carrying on with policies and the way business owners are been treated in the FCT makes it hard  for us not to believe that the Nigerian government is not against its citizens. 

 Another young lady simply identified as Munachi lamented that her POS shop was demolished. 

" The Nigerian Government is just wicked, how can they just wake up and destroy people's shops without any notice.

" We struggled to go to School and graduated, no jobs, we struggle to get something doing to keep ourselves doing and they still come and destroy it. 

" If I had my way, I will just run to Ghana, " she said.

Phones of passers-by and business owners were Seized by the FCDA officials. 

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  1. APC Govt is insensitive to the plight of her citizenry. Their policies are anti people.