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Actor Femi Branch Condemns Yomi Fabiyi's Movie Speculated To An Attack On Female Actor Iyabo Ojo


Yomi Fabiyi, Under Fire For Shooting Movie Titled 'Oko Iyabo' Alleged To Mock Actress Iyabo Ojo For Campaigning Against SGBV, Rape Of 14-Year-Old Girl By Fabiyi's Friend Baba Ijesha.

Actor Baba Ijesha is undergoing Trial on a six-count charge which includes sexual assault by penetration, indecent treatment of a child, and sexual assault.

Shortly after ‘Oko Iyabo’ was released, the movie began to attract negative reactions from many users on social media who questioned the motives behind such a project.

Movie stars like Iyabo Ojo and Tonto Dikeh also condemned Fabiyi’s action, while the leadership of the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) summoned the actor over the film.

Joining the fray in a recent video, Femi lambasted Fabiyi over his new movie while describing him as a “disgrace to filmmakers”.

He also noted that the movie was “shamelessly” used to bring another colleague down instead of the supposed purpose of mending lives.

“It is very unfortunate Yomi that you can descend this low, when I saw the whole thing about the ‘Oko Iyabo’ movie, I was so utterly disgusted. I thought you are to somehow apply some common sense, maybe make it very abstract,” Femi said.

“I knew you were attacking Iyabo Ojo, the target of that film was Iyabo Ojo but I thought you going to be a bit sensible and creative about it and not make it so direct but I was utterly shocked when I saw that you did not even make any attempt to even exercise any creativity. I mean from what I saw it was some sought of a lame, senseless person that claims to be creative. You are a disgrace to filmmakers. I am ashamed that I know you honestly.

“I am totally disgusted, totally ashamed to even claim that I know you, you are a disgrace to filmmakers all over the world.

“And not just because you decided to use this secret tool that we use in mending lives, you have decided to use that secret tool so shamelessly to bring down another colleague.

Femi also called on the Nigerian police to take the necessary steps against Fabiyi’s action.

“You are not literate enough to that you have broken the law. I am happy that you have entrapped yourself. You created a scene of a case that is still in court. Were you there when it happened? So you are trying to subvert justice. In case you do not know that is what you are trying to do,” he added.

“When your lawyers were aware, didn’t they advise you? didn’t they see the script? How insensitive and brainless can you be. You have just ensnared yourself. I am happy with what you did.

“You do not need anybody to call you to order because you know what you were doing rather I would blame people who still rush to YouTube to watch because that is what you want.

“You like the notoriety, you like attention so while the thing still hot, at least let them go there and watch, you make some small money and you do some clout chasing, something to bring back your fame. But is it really worth it at the expense of a poor innocent 14-year-old girl?

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