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RESTRUCTURING: Gov. Umahi Demands 6 Vice-Presidents For Nigeria


Gov Umahi Asks For Vice-President For Each Geo-Political Zone In Nigeria

...Says It Will Reduce 'Rising Tension'

The Governor or Ebonyi state David Umahi, in an interview on ChannelsTv on Monday June 14 2021 said the rising “tension” in Nigeria will be reduce, if the country is restructured in a way that one vice-president will represent each geo-political zone adding that it will be a big leap towards achieving Restructuring which is widely clamored for by Nigerians and has formed the basis for many conversations in Nigeria in recent times. 

Speaking in his opinion on 'Restructuring' Umahi said, he held the view that more power should go to the states.

He said, 

“ Well, I have a different view about this restructuring thing. My position about Restructuring for example is ;  there are certain valid suggestions that have been made, to have six vice-presidents in the country,

“ Each one is kind of coming from each of the geo-political zones. Tension will go down. This is very important.” he added. 

Governor Umahi also pushed what was was best described by him as “administrative restructuring”, in which more powers and responsibilities will be devolved to sub-national governments.

“ Now, I will recommend administrative restructuring, which is making sub-national governments to be strengthened, devolving power and responsibilities to sub-national governments; abolishing the local governments. "

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