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" No More Job Vacancies With FG," Buhari To Nigerian Youths


"There Are No More Job Vacancies For Youths In Nigeria" Buhari  Tells Nigerian Youths. 

.... Blames Youth For Insecurity, Registers Again Grudge Against #EndSARS Protesters.

President Muhammadu Buhari in an interview on Friday with Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) revealed that there are no more job vacancies for Nigerian Youths. Blaming youths for promoting insecurity in Nigeria, he said there will also cease to be jobs from foreign investment.

President Buhari while speaking said,

" As I said the number one thing is security. If you don't secure the country, people will not invest.

'That was why those who organized the #EndSARS, I sent all the ministers back to their constituencies.' 

" Constitutionally, the ministers represent their states. 

" So I asked them to go to their states. Let the speak to their Governors, their political leaders, traditional Rulers, and very importantly, let them speak to the youths and tell them that the Federal Government says, there is no more vacancy, virtually every department is filled 

" The same thing in the states and local governments. 

" So you can have a good degree from a good university and you will never get a job because if you promote insecurity, by burning factories, institutions, nobody will come and invest. 

" So it's in their own interests that Nigeria is secure. 

" When the country is secure, it's potentially rich because God has endowed Nigeria with resources. 

" People will come and invest. Countries that have something to invest must make sure that they can recover their investments."

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