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BLASPHEMY: SSS Takes Kano Singer Accused Of Blasphemy Into Protective Custody


State Security Service (SSS) Provide Protection For Singer Abdul, Accused Of Blasphemy In Kano From Possible Attack.

The State Security Service (SSS) has revealed that it has taken  Kano Singer Ahmad Abdul into its custody to protect him against possible violent attack. 

Abdul was accused of singing a song that is blasphemous and capable of causing chaos in Kano state. 

The singer Abdul is also been reported to have tendered an apology to the entire Muslim community, Kano state government and also Islamic scholars. 

According to reports his confession to the state security service was that he was unaware that his song goes against Islamic teachings. 

MediaOrchid recalls that in August 2020 an upper sharia court in Hausawa Filin Hockey area of Kano state pronounced one Yahaya Shari-Aminu guilty of blasphemy. 

Following the pronouncement, Aminu was Sentenced to death however a division of the High court in Kano state, canceled the death sentence on Aminu and freed him. 

The Executive Secretary of the Kano state Censorship Board mallam Ismail Afakallah while speaking on the issue said "I have received too many petitions about the song by concerned citizens," adding that he reported to the SSS which led to Abdul getting picked up from a hotel where he had been taking refuge for days. 

The father of the Kano Singer Abdullahi Isa expressed gratitude to the state security service for rescuing his son and stopping what would have turned out to cause chaos in Kano state.

In 2016, Abdul Nyass a Muslim cleric was accused and pronounced  guilty of blasphemy against the Prophet, which is liable to death  according to Lamido Abba Soron-Dinki, the prosecutor who stressed the penalty under the application of the sharia, Koranic law, viable in the  Kano state.”

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