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THE ANNIVERSARY : " My Abduction, Incarceration Experience" - Steven Kefason


Twitter User Steven Kefason Recounts His Abduction Story By Government Agents.

A social media critic with the twitter user handle @SKefason took to his timeline on the microblogging app to recount his ordeal in the hands of state actors and how he was abducted from his apartment in Port Harcourt and ferried to Kaduna like a notorious terrorist at the behest of the state governor .

See his tweet below :

" This morning I went hiking somewhere in Northern Nigeria. At the peak of the mountain I got playing the storm is over by R-Kelly while reminiscing about 8th of May 2019, the day I was abducted from Portharcourt in a commando style and forced to travel by road alongside two plain clothes Policemen to Kaduna.

" Prior to May 8th 2019 I had a premonition that something was going to happen even though I couldn't tell what exactly.

" 3 days before that day on a Saturday my Samsung LED tv set and my body spray were mysteriously removed from my sitting room in Portharcourt without my door broken, I sensed danger and didn't sleep in the house untill Tuesday 7th May the eve of my abduction.

" In the morning of May 8th I practically emptied the refrigerator of all edibles as though I was going on a long vacation, yes I was indeed going on a long vacation but to the prisons where I will eventually spend 162 days behind bars under very horrible conditions.

" While listening to the storm is over at the peak of this mountain, I remember the prison days, I remember the psychological trauma and the mental torture of going to court with handcuffs on my hand like a terrorist and other horrible things I had to overcome to remain sane in detention, I remember some very ugly incidences that took place in detention but then I remember how God stepped in from day one of my abduction and whispered to me; son the storm is over!

" I don't know what you are going through right now, I don't know how badly the situation in the country has affected you, I don't know the negative delays you've been experiencing in life, I don't know what's happening to your business, career and what have you, I don't know for how long you've been racing and still no finish line in sight but am here to tell you that the storm is indeed over.


" Just go out there, 'climb the hills and see the mountains' then call on God and listen to the small voice saying 'storm is over'.

" I've been racing for years and still no finish line, 

But then I climbed the hills

& saw the mountains, 

I hollered help 'cause I was lost

Then I felt the strong wind, 

And then a small voice saying storm is over..."

Thank you R-Kelly for these lyrics. Though you are behind bars your lyrics continue to encourage and inspire some of us.

#MyAbductionAnnivarsery" he said. 

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