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SGBV: Pauline Tallen Demands High Degree Of Attention From Authorities Over Murder Of Iniobong


#JusticeForIniobong : Minister Pauline Tallen Decries Protection Of Rapists, Kidnappers. 

.... Attorney General Vows To Accord Case Due Legal Attention To Obtain Justice. 

The Honorable minister of women affairs Dame Pauline Tallen OFR, KSG while reacting to the news of the rape and murder of a young female job seeker whose story about how she was lured with an employment opportunity , kidnapped, raped and killed recently went viral in a statement signed by her on Monday May 3 2021 said, 

" We received with sadness the news on the events that led to the death of Miss Iniobong Umoren. 

" We are following up on the development of the investigations and the Attorney-General has given us the assurance that this case will be accorded due legal attention to obtain justice for Miss Iniobong Umoren. 

" We are praying with the family of Miss Umoren. This case will be diligently investigated and the criminals duly charged. 

" I challenge key law enforcement authorities in Akwa Ibom state and indeed the Federation, the degree of attention accorded to this case will show Nigeria’s collective stance on supporting women to exist and be prosperous in a country that protects them.

" Crimes like this are the tools that contribute to our lag in development. Rapists and Kidnappers should not be protected by any means, by all means, we should expose them, charge them to court and let them serve their sentences. 

" We must stop enabling criminals. We must listen, believe and protect Nigerian women. 

" The statistics are getting higher, women are watching, women are demanding Accountability from the instruments of law that have been established to protect them. 

" Please Protect Women, Please make Nigeria safer for women. Iniobong Umoren deserved the best life and now that it has been cut short it is our responsibility to serve her justice and our chance to set the right precedence. 

" Give justice to Iniobong Umoren," she added. 

Late Iniobong was a fresh graduate from the University of Uyo in Akwa state. In search of a job, she got announced via social media that she was in need of a job to enable her earn some money and solve basic needs. She got a job offer from someone who unknown to her is a serial rapist and killer.

The suspect Uduak Akpan who was unveiled and tracked by young Nigerians on social media platforms after her friend revealed the number of the person who offered the job to Iniobong and invited her for an interview raising alarm following a voice note she got from her friend Iniobong suggesting some form of struggle before  Iniobong's phone was switched off. 

The police using the clue given by young persons on social media who dug out details on the suspects engagement online, were able to trace the suspect Uduak's friend who led them to Uduak and eventually arrested the duo.

According to the police Spokesperson Odiko Macdon, the 20-year-old Uduak Akpan is a serial rapist and had confessed to raping, and killing Iniobong and further buried her on a grave in his father's compound.

The suspect later led the police to where he buried the young lady and her body was exhumed and taken to the morgue.

Uduak also confessed to raping many other females who had fallen victim.

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