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ANAMBRA 2021: "The Best Outcome For PDP Is Val Ozigbo As Flagbearer" - Chief Andy Azike

Chief Andy Azike Endorses Valentine Ozigbo Ahead Of Gubernatorial Election In Anambra. 

A stakeholder of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Anambra State, Chief Andy Azike, Ogbuji-Opia speaking at the key political stakeholders meeting which held in Aguata endorsed Valentine Ozigbo a frontrunner in the forth coming November gubernatorial election in Anambra State.

Chief Azike, in his speech said, 

" This week I had the honour and privilege of hosting my friend and brother, Mr Valentine Ozigbo (VCO) at my house in Achina. At the meeting, the key political stakeholders and families of Aguata were in attendance. 

" I hosted this meeting primarily for 10 reasons which I will detail below: 

1. Clearly, it is the turn of Anambra South to produce a governor. What we need is a candidate who is 100% from Anambra South without any iota of controversy.

2. I strongly desire that the Old Aguata zone takes its turn in producing a governor to lead Anambra State. 

3. When I assess the aspirants coming from Old Aguata and compare their credentials, competencies, experience, antecedence, reputation, and character side by side, the most outstanding to me by far, is the young man called Valentine Ozigbo. 

4. What are these credentials? Ozigbo is coming as a ‘turnaround manager’ with 27 years of experience in international banking, business leadership, management, corporate transformation in power, energy, oil and gas, agri-business and hospitality 

5. There is evidence and global seal by way of respected global CEO awards under his belt. In the 27 years, he worked in banking and the corporate world, there was no single scandal to his name. Instead, he had a solid reputation for performance, respect for the individuals, humility, decency and a culture of excellence. 

6. Val is the only aspirant who has managed businesses and assets running into billions of dollars with integrity, good reports and strong corporate governance. 

7. If you do a poll of the political families and blocs in Anambra State, the candidacy of Valentine Ozigbo is receiving the broadest support that is fast culminating into a mass movement among PDP stakeholders in Anambra State.  

8. Of all the other aspirants, Val Ozigbo is in the best position to unite our party as our candidate, galvanize support from all parts of Anambra State, and the resources necessary to win the main governorship election. 

9. He doesn't come to the game with sworn political enemies. He doesn't have the excess baggage or controversies trailing other candidates. 

10. As it stands today, Valentine Ozigbo is the only aspirant who has articulated his vision for making Anambra State a great place. He has published a manifesto which nobody else has been able to do. I endorse his vision to transform Anambra State with the mission #KaAnambraChawapuOzigbo. The Manifesto has a solid plan that will get things working again and bring back prosperity to our dear state. 

" I am taking a firm stand for the love of Ndi Anambra. The best outcome for Anambra State is for PDP to win this election, and the best chance that PDP has to win this election is to present Valentine Ozigbo as the party's flag bearer.

" Thank you very much, and God bless every one of us. 

" God bless Anambra State.!

God bless Ndi Anambra !!"

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