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IMO: Senator Anyanwu Rebukes Emelumba Over Plebeian Remarks


Sen Samuel Anyanwu Reprimands  Emelumba, Imo Commissioner For Information Over Uncouth Remarks.


Senator Samuel Anyanwu has responded to a supposed press statement from Declan Emelumba, Commissioner for information and strategy in Imo state. 

"Salary Payment, Get Your Facts Right, Imo Govt. Chides Senator Anyanwu" 

The above is the caption of a response from the Imo State Government through the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Declan Emelumba in reaction to the harmless advise from Distinguished Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu over salary cuts and pension matters in the state.

A press release on Saturday April 17 2021  signed by Ikenna Onuoha a media aide to Senator Anyanwu read :

Distinguished Senator Anyanwu had called on the APC led government in the state to look beyond road rehabilitation, and address issues bordering on salary cuts and pension in the state.

Regrettably, instead of the Government to accept the advise in good faith and address the issues raised expeditiously having come from a man who doesn’t mean bad to the government, she decided to resort to the use of "gutter language" in a matter of public importance.

Commissioner for Information, Declan Emelumba, while defending the indefensible APC Government accused Senator Anyanwu of being steamed in opposition paranoid, and as such, ought to have known that government is not owing any staff.

Reading through the denials of Declan Emelumba, one therefore wonders why the state government smartly dodged the question, “Is there any salary cuts on monthly basis?” before telling the public how many civil servants received their wage.

Against this backdrop, Distinguished Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu (Samdaddy) has been on the news for positive advice, and constructive analytical Criticisms across board.

One had expected the state government to commend Senator Anyanwu for letting her know where she fails in the delivery of her campaign promises, rather than attacking him.

In as much as Senator Anyanwu respects government and her managers having seen it all, he cannot fold his hands and watch Imo civil servants and pensioners molested, intimidated, and treated badly by any government or individual no matter his relationship with such person.

More so, as a Commissioner for Information and Government Chief image maker, Declan Emelumba ought to have known better than to make uncivil remarks and use of gutter  language in addressing salient issues as the one above in a bid to divert attention.

It is regrettable to note that the government is in the habit of commending anyone who sycophantly applauds her, and insults whoever that does not believe in her philosophy.

However, we consider this diatribe and poorly dispensed response as most unfortunate and unreasonable to the constructive approach used by Dist. Senator Anyanwu on the aforementioned subject matter. 

However, it is the duty of the Government in power to put their records straight before hand, especially, when it has to do with salary and pension payments.

Notably, Distinguished Senator Anyanwu deserves an unreserved apology from Emelumba and the state government because, it is trite to say, beyond party affiliation, he has been very objective in all things he has been saying and/or contributing towards the development of a better society.

The questions are; are salaries of civil servants in the state not cut up to N30, 000 every month? If so, where is the money going to, and when will government pay back the money deducted from salaries? 

Until Emelumba answers these questions, that is when we shall begin to listen to them as a responsible and responsive government.

Remember, no Government wins the minds of the people through intimidation and use of guitar language.

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