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2023: [Videos,Pictures] : Ohaneze Ndị Igbo Holds Interactive Session In Abuja, Persists On Presidency


President General Of Ohaneze Ndigbo, George Obiozor, Igbo Leaders Charge Igbos To Maintain Stand On Agitation For Presidency In 2023.

MediaOrchid reports that Ohaneze Ndigbo on Saturday April 17 2021 had a interactive session with Ndi Igbo in a private residence in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja. 

MediaOrchid correspondent live at the event reports that the meeting addressed key issues and matters arising in the South East of Nigeria, one of which is the rise in insecurity in Igboland. George Obiozor the president General who led the team while speaking noted that the situation calms both for deep concern and collective effort of ndigbo towards taking charge and securing its territory. 

Ohaneze Ndigbo led by the president General George Obiozor at the event. 
Picture Credit : MediaOrchid 

" We know not the perpetrators of the heinous acts on Igboland, in as much as we agree that Igbos are peaceful people and pursue peace, the peace should not be that of the graveyard." 

" The grandeur plan of the perpetrators of these acts appears to be to cause Upheavals and unrest in Igboland noting that security in the South East worsened when conversations and agitations on Igbo Presidency began to draw attention." He said 

Speaking further he also stressed the need for Igbos to collectively work towards achieving Presidency come 2023 and hammered on phrase " The time has come, we have a different spirit, the 'can do spirit'. Igbos can never be accused of laziness, we are unacquainted with idleness. " 

Present at the event were the former Senate President, Dr. Ken Nnamani, the ex-Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, his Labour and Employment counterpart, Chris Ngige, Chief Guy Ikokwu. 

Also present were the Minister of State, Solid Minerals Development, Uche Ogah, Sharon Ikeakor of Environment, Osita Okechukwu, former IGP Mike Okiro, Profs Chinwe Obaji, ABC Nwosu and Chief Maurice Iwu, Chief Mrs Chika Ibeneme, Dr. Sam Amadi and many others. 

Representatives of Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Imo, Enugu and Delta state as captured by MediaOrchid, were given opportunity to speak at the event. 

Senator Ben Obi from Anambra State in his remark commended Igbo leaders for the work so far in ensuring the glory of Igboland is not only retained but made to shine more. He also charged Igbo youths to heed to advice of elders. 

Osita Ugochukwu from Enugu the Director General of VONwhike speaking urged Igbos  in the political circle to participate actively in politics and push for Igbo Presidency. 

Barrister Goddy Uwazuruike from Imo state said that Imo state supports fully the President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo and his team and further urged that all Igbos work together to move Igboland forward and stressed that 2023 is for Igbos. 

Dr. Chidia Mmadụ ekwe From Abia state  also speaking said, "Togetherness and Spirit of oneness is key towards achieving our set goals. Together we conquer." 

His Royal highness Prof. Echefuna Ọ. from Delta State while speaking said, 

" 2023 is pregnant, and soon the baby shall be delivered and we are trusting God that the baby will be delivered in Ala Igbo. 

" There are many schemes and counter schemes, seeking to play out but thank God the man at the helm of affairs is an original Igbo man whose roots you can trace to Igboland. Not people who are Igbos only by name." 

He also stressed the need for tact and diplomacy. 

" The Era of Nzogbu Nzogbu eyịmba eyi, has gone. This is the time to put on our thinking cap, the time for diplomacy. All these stories about Igbos not being united, is just the trick of the enemy to distract us." 

" Igbos are united, when it comes to a common interest and this is our common interest, 2023 is a fruit which is due to be harvested. Let us get it with tact and without distraction. "

Hon. Irem Ibom from Ebonyi state said, " Ebonyi state may have been birth last but it is blessed with people of great strength and character." 

He also stated that Ebonyi supports Ohaneze Ndigbo and stands united with other Igbo states to agitate for 2023 Presidency. 

MediaOrchid reports that The former IG of Police 2007-2009 Mike Mbama okiro while speaking at the event emphasized that he is drumming support for Igbo Presidency come 2023.

Speaking on behalf of women, Chief Mrs. Chuka Ibeneme said, 

" The task ahead of us is a spiritual one and using the eyes of the spirit, Obiozor is been bestowed with wisdom to bring us under one umbrella as Igbos knowing that it is time for us take what is due to them. As mothers we are also working on our households to see that there is peace and spirit of oneness in Igboland. "

A communique made available to the press Read : 

“That going by equity, unity and natural justice, it is the turn of the South East to preside over Nigeria come 2023. Accordingly, we solicit the support of all the ethnic nationalities and especially the two major political parties to achieve this noble objective

Watch Video of Chris Ngige Speaking at the event:

Video Credit : MediaOrchid 

 Video credit : MediaOrchid 

“That all sons and daughters of Igboland should not compromise in our quest for a President of Nigeria from the South East. On the other hand, all the Igbo political actors  must engage their parties to ensure that their presidential tickets are zoned to the South East of Nigeria.

Watch Picture Slide :

All pictures, Videos : MediaOrchid 

“That the recent incidents of violence in Igboland has become a source of worry. The Igbo youths are advised to be very vigilant and cautious to avoid being used as the sacrificial lamb in the present Nigerian circumstances.

“That Igbo pledge to a Nigeria that provides a level playing ground where the individual talents, irrespective of ethnic backgrounds will flourish; where equity, justice and rule of law will be paramount in public decision making.”

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