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Covid_19 :[KOGI] " Value Lives Of Our People Above Inordinate Political Ambitions", Teejay Reacts


Hon Teejay Yusufu representing Kaba-Bunu /Ijumu Federal Constituency. 

Hon. Teejay Yusuf Reacts, To Sen. Smart Adeyemi's Claim On Kogi People’s Rejection Of Vaccine. 

...... Says Sen. Adeyemi Speaks For Himself, Not Federal Legislators From Kogi State.

Hon Teejay Yusuf representing Kabba-Bunu/  Ijumu Federal Constituency in reaction to statements made by Senator Smart Adeyemi said, 

" Covid-19 is real and contrary to Senator Smart Adeyemi's assertions, not all federal legislators from Kogi state subscribe to the idea of treating the global pandemic with levity." 

In his response to newspaper reports of  Senator Adeyemi's claim that Kogi state legislators in the National Assembly are solidly behind the governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, who has been insistent that there is no COVID-19 in the state, Hon. Teejay Yusuf stressed that it is extremely reckless to nudge citizens into further indifference and carelessness over Covid-19.

“As politicians representing the people, we should not be blindfolded by inordinate political ambition to deny that a global pandemic that has caused many deaths in Saudi Arabia, Israel, America, Nigeria and other parts of the world is non-existent.

“The people of Kogi state individually and collectively have better knowledge and wisdom than some politicians credit them for but I tell you, without being genuinely faithful to God and the people being represented, misplaced high expectations run the risk of coming to nought. "

In his statement, Hon Yusuf asserted that while Senator Smart Adeyemi reserves every right to speak for himself, it is “rather too far-fetched” for him to dare speak for every Senator and member of the House of Representatives from Kogi state when no prior discussion, meeting or resolution on the subject exists.

“Senator Adeyemi obviously lacks any justification for saying that all of us are not sure we’ll take the Covid-19 vaccine; at least, he does not speak for me on this.

“Beyond all this, every Nigerian must ponder why members of the ruling APC are so viciously opposed to one another as if they have four or five opposition parties within their party but worse still, they pull no punches when it comes to sabotaging Nigeria or even, one another from within.

“This becomes even more glaring when President Muhammadu Buhari, his ministers, the highly-placed members of the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 are on one side, saying something to 200 million Nigerians while our dear Senator Smart Adeyemi and his co-travellers are on the other side, telling whoever cares to listen that it is all a lie.

“Altogether, the ruling APC has become a disaster unto itself in far worse ramifications than a house divided against itself; nonetheless, I shall endeavour to support global efforts and that of President Buhari’s administration towards curbing this global pandemic over which some APC figures appear so determined to lull citizens to sleep,” Teejay added. 

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