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HIDDEN CAMERAS: Nollywood Actor Femi Branch Calls For Probe Of Ogun Hotel


Actor Calls On Ogun State Governor, Nigeria Police Force To Probe  Pavillion Hotel Over Trending Video on Hidden Camera.

A Nollywood Actor Femi Branch has beckoned on the governor of Ogun State Dapo Abiodun  and the Nigeria the Nigeria Police Force to further investigate the activities of the management of Pavilion Hotel in Ogun State.

Watch Video of guest discovering hidden cameras: 

A video which went viral revealed that two men who allegedly lodged at the Pavilion Hotel and Suites who claimed to have discovered hidden cameras in the rooms. One of men showed five cameras one of which he said were discovered in an air conditioner. 

 Shockingly, a man perceived to be a worker in that hotel has taken to defending the act of hiding cameras in hotel rooms which has further  generated more reactions from Nigerians as many questioned the hotel management for invading the privacy of it's guests.

Actor Femi Branch who took to Instagram on Monday to lambast the hotel management also calling in the governor of Ogun State and the Nigeria Police Force he said,

“ This issue of cameras in hotel rooms that people laugh about is not a funny matter. What will make someone to put a camera in a hotel room?,” he queried.

“ What is the motive? I am calling on the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) to arrest the manager and all the operators of the pavilion hotel and suites in Ayepe to do a thorough investigation of all the guests that have lodged there to find out if any of them got robbed, kidnapped or murdered.

Watch Video of actors reaction :

“ When you are in your room making phone calls, disclosing confidential information, if you have money, you may have it spread around you inside the room, they have gotten a lot of information from these hidden cameras in the rooms.

“ Forget if they saw you sleeping with your girlfriend or wife, that’s is trivial. Imagine other information that they would have gotten from your private conversation and what they could have done with it.

“ So both the hotel manager and staff should be investigated. They should find all those who have logged at hotel and interrogate them if they are still alive or robbed.”

He further added that, all who have been guests at the hotel should be questioned to so as to find out if those guests would have any reports on robbery or Kidnapping after they  checked out.

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