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BREAKING [Video]: Women In Edo Block Major Roads To Protest Herdsmen Killings, Kidnappings, Rape


Uromi Women Stage Massive Protest Against Kidnapping, Killings By Fulani Herdsmen. 


Women In Uromi Edo state on Wednesday hit the streets blocking roads in Uromi leading to major towns in a massive Protests against the killings, Kidnapping and destruction of crops on farmlands by Fulani herdsmen in Edo state.

Watch Video: 

Amidst chants calling for Fulani to leave their lands they complained bitterly that fulani herdsmen have made life unbearable for them as they can no longer engage in farming activities for fear of being raped, harassed and killed.


  1. If we have a President who does not only depend on the aides for information, their protest would have positive impact. Unfortunately we have a President that is not in touch with realities on ground.

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