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President Joe Biden Cancels Entry Ban On Citizens From Nigeria, Eritrea, Yemen, Sudan, Others


U.S President Joe Biden Signs Executive Order For Cancelation Of Travel Restrictions.

Biden has on his first day in the office as president of the United States, given orders to cancel certain policies. 

Some of which include ; 

The order to bring an to end travel restrictions and immigration from countries including Nigeria, Eritrea, Yemen, Sudan and others.

Biden speaking at the white house before he signed the executive orders said, 

“ There’s no time to waste,” 

“These are just all starting points,” he added.

His action was commended by The American Civil Liberties Union, which is a non-profit civil rights organisation, and also further described  the initial ban as a “cruel Muslim ban which targeted Africans.”

However, the ban was changed, in part due to legal challenges, and included some non majority-Muslim nations.

President Biden described the policy as discriminatory and an affront to the country’s values.

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