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Over 12 Governors In Nigeria Allegedly Gay


Gay Nollywood Actor Alleges 40% Of Nigerian Lawmakers, 12 Governors Are Gay. 

A Nollywood Actor Uche Maduagwu who quite recently opened up on his sexuality and confessed to being gay has called on the US President Joe Biden to sanction the Nigerian government over the anyị-gay law which was passed in 2014 under the the administration of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan which banned gay activities and relationships.

According to the law, persons certified guilty of such acts are to be sentenced to 14 years imprisonment. 

According to Maduagwu, who is quite popularly for constant attacks of VIPs on Instagram said about 40% of the current Nigerian Lawmakers and over 12 Governors are secretly homosexuals.

Calling on Joe Biden Maduagwu said,

 “ Dear President Joe Biden. I am proudly gay, and I beg you to place sanctions on Nigerian government for its inhuman laws against law-abiding homosexuals.

“ This same government pampers wicked Fulani herdsmen who kidnap and cause trouble in the southern part of Nigeria.

“ We are tired and scared despite the fact that more than 40 percent of current legislators and over twelve governors are homosexuals in naija (Nigeria); why the hypocrisy?” he added. 

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