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Dr Edward Gbemudu Dies After Contracting COVID-19


Dr.Edward Ikem Gbemudu 

North Mississippi Doctor, Edward Ikem Gbemudu Has Died After Contracting Coronavirus At A Funeral In Nigeria.

Dr. Edward Ikem Bermudu an internal medicine specialist of Olive Branch was said to have died from #Covid_19 Related Complications while visiting Nigeria.

Sources reveal that Gbemudu contracted the virus while attending a funeral in his home country Nigeria and though he was hospitalized, he never got to recover.

Dr Emmanuel Obi, a doctor who practices  internal medicine in Brownsville while speaking of Gbemudu said,

" He is a very compassionate and caring physician who takes the best medical approach to assist his patients feel better and never gives up on his patients. "

" He traveled a the 15th of December and then on the 25th of December he started having symptoms. In less than one week, he was dead.

" I talked to him, and he was on a 100-percent oxygen, but somehow on Thursday, on Friday January 1st his condition just went worst.

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" The hospital in Lagos didn't have a respirator. I arranged to get one for him, but it would take 2hrs, by the time the respirator got to his hospital, he had as gone. It happened so fast."

" He had all the medical therapy that is available here in the United States, he had it there, but he just did not respond. So on January 1st was when  he took his last breath."

According to Dr Obi, once the virus started rampaging, nothing seemed to be able to stop it.

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