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US Election: President Donald Trump With 89 Electoral Votes, Leads 13 States


Picture of Donald Trump, President of the United States of America. 

Picture by: Inutium Media 

Chip Semodevilla /Getty Images. 

Donald Trump leads 13 States with 89 Electoral Votes. 

President of the United States, Donald Trump is in currently in a tight race with Joe Biden for the White House.

The results so far as reported by the media in the US puts forward Trump who is contesting under the flagship of the Republicans as Winner as he leads 13 States inclusive of West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and Oklahoma while Biden takes 11 states including Deleware his home state, New York and Washington.

Biden has so far recorded 126 electoral votes while Trump records 89. 

The magic number is anticipated to be 270

See List of States won by  candidates as forecasted by CNN, CBS, New York Times, Fox News MSNBC/NBC News and other US media.


Alabama  (9) 

Arkansas (6)

Indiana (11)

Kentucky (8)

Louisiana (8)

Mississippi (6)

North Dakota (3)

Oklahoma (7)

South Carolina (9)

South Dakota (3)

Tennessee (11)

West Virginia (5)

Wyoming (3)

BIDEN (126)

Colorado (9)

Connecticut (7)

Delaware (3)

District of Columbia (3)

Illinois (20)

Maryland (10)

Massachusetts (11)

New Jersey (14)

New York (29)

Rhode Island (4)

Vermont (3)

Virginia (13)


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