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Video : " There Must Be Mass Action, People Must Hit The Streets" Amaechi Foretold


A video of the Former Governor of Rivers State and Nigeria's Current Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi foretelling Nigerians of the importance and effect of hitting the streets in a protest has emerged.

According to Amaechi, in a interview, Nigeria will experience a new dawn and awakening when people come together to protest. 

He said, 

"  There Must be mass action, people must come out to the streets, you see one thing about Nigerians is when they see Police or Army they run away and that's because most people who come out are not poor people. They are mostly children of the rich who want to enjoy themselves.

" The day the poor hit the streets then all of us will be on the run," he added.

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Nigeria is currently witnessing the #EndSARS protest which demands the shut down of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS and Reform for the Nigeria Police force across the country.

Although the federal government has announced that the unit has been dissolved the Protests have continued to go on as Nigerians tell their stories of continued human rights violations.

The #EndSARS protesters mainly youths have continued to demand for Justice for all victims of SARS brutality and are also demanding that all officers guilty of killings and all forms of violation of human rights be brought to book. 

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