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TStv: Nigerians To Be Charged As Low As N2 Daily


CEO Bright Echefu of Telecom Satellite TV TStv has said the company is set to relaunch on October 1.

In a press conference held on Tuesday at TStv headquarters FCT Abuja, Echefu revealed that his organisation is the first to introduce the pay per view in Nigeria and will be fully launched on October 1.

MediaOrchid recalls TStv has in November 2017. It however was stopped by some challenges which according to Echefu made the organization put a hold on all its proposed services, going back to the drawing table and addressing all issues making it now more ready to serve customers better. 

Speaking further he stressed that TStv is currently accommodating over 100 channels and will be available for as low as N2 per Day and N5 per day at maximum.

Echefu also layed  emphasis on the fact that no other organization had the number of High Definition (HD) channels like TStv does.

He said, 

 “We are going to be the first to implement pay-per-view. What TSTV has done is, allow you to create your own bouquet and you have channels that are as low as N2 per day,

" La Liga would be free but viewers would have to pay to view other football leagues, adding that about 18 states would be activated once they roll out their services on 1st of October. 

“If you have a N50 voucher, you are actually watching TV and saving your money.”

“Nobody has as much HD channels as we do. We are rolling out with about 108 channels. We are going to be the first in sub-Saharan Africa to implement H.265,” the CEO said."

“ TStv has invested a lot in acquiring rights. Most channels are as low as N5 per day. As a gift to Nigerians, we are releasing one of our sports channels free for a year.” 


Photo Credit : MediaOrchid 

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