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Mai Buni The Old Wine in New Bottle - Muhammed Abbas


The Mai Mala Buni led APC National Caretaker Committee inaugurated by President Muhammadu Buhari, have rekindled the mistakes in the ruling party just after the led caretaker committee fails to win the just concluded Edo election.

Muhammed Abbas on Wednesday revealed that Buni's appointment, as well as others, was announced at the height of the party's internal crisis in June. 

That was shortly after the incumbent Edo Governor, Mr, Godwin Obaseki was disqualified from participating in the June 22 APC Governorship primary election in Edo state by the Party’s screening committee and as well the suspension of Mr. Oshiomhole as APC party chairman by Abuja High Court.

 Buni’s appointment came as a hope to the dying ruling party which many supporters felt will put end to the lingering crises in the party.

However, hope was thwarted away as Buni led party leadership upheld Obaseki’s disqualification from participating in the APC Gubernatorial primary election in Edo state as many thought his leadership will mend the party’s crises in the state but ended up walking the state party to the darkness orchestrated by the suspended party leadership.

His decision to uphold Obaseki’s disqualification tactically reduced the numbers of APC ruling state in Nigeria and the beginning of the party’s failure in the south-south region as Obaseki defected to PDP.

Recall that a member of the APC caretaker committee representing the youth, Ismail Ahmed blamed the defeat suffered by the party in the Edo poll on the controversial party primaries. He pointed out that the APC Edo governorship primary was marred by a lot of circumstances that could not be explained. 

Ahmed said: Remember we ran against an incumbent governor and everybody knows the history of Edo governorship primary and there were a lot of circumstances we could not explain. The APC chieftain.

Interestingly, the issues at stake at this time are somewhat akin to the ones that caused the party to lose Zamfara and Rivers States to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 elections.

The Failure of Buni led administration to mend the continuous crisis that orchestrated the emergence of PDP in Rivers, Benue as well as Zamfara has shown that his no way better than the previous party leadership, hence there’s an urgent need for the party to put heads together towards rebuilding the party with refined heads who will rebrand and work towards the party ideology and help to put the party in order  before 2021 and ahead of 2023 General election.

Ondo maybe the next phase of the new wine in old bottle if Party stakeholders fails to learn from both Zamfara, Rivers and Edo state by settling all crisis within the party and looking ahead to putting up capable heads into the affairs of the party ahead of November 2020 APC National Convention. 

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