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Nigerians Need To "Calm Down" They Grumble Too Much- Femi Adesina

The special Adviser on Media to President Muhammadu Buhari Femi Adesina has asked Nigerians to "Calm down" stressing that Buhari's achievements can only be see when Nigerians "Calm down".

Adesina in his article made countless reference to the recent viral video of a little boy who offended his mother and was threatened to be beaten but tearfully negotiated his way out of being punished.
He said,

" If the truth be told, that message in the video from the boy is for the entire country.

" We need to calm down, we are to uptight, nervy, edgy, We grumble murmur too much, call the government a lot of names, try to demonize those serving the nation, when it could be 'Our last chance in the world' to really fix things.

"If you listen to some people ; angry youths, religious leaders, political analysts, newspaper columnists, news reviewers, so-called activists, then nothing positive is happening in the country. It is all about insurgency banditry, killings Joblessness, corruption, lack and deprivation."

He further stressed that other countries are suffering from same problems that Nigeria suffers from.

Making reference also to a retired Airforce Grp Capt. Sadeeq Garba(rtd), who had recently appeared on Channels TV he said,

" The retired officer said, the killings were sad and regrettable, but things were not as completely negative as some people and interest groups would want to make them seem.

Quoting what he called reliable statistics from the Centre for Research in the United States, he gave figures of the development from 2011, in number of total killings :
2011 - 1096
2012 -  3761
2013 -  7167
2014 - 15,600
2015 -  Not available
2016 - 4618
2017 -  5763
2018 -  6565
2019 -  8350
2020 -  6195 as at June.

Femi further referring to people who talk about killings in the country said it's "beastial and Inhuman".

He said,
" Why do people like to spread negative, rather than positive developments?"

In concluding he said Nigerians would see massive Infrastructural developments if they "calmed down"

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