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DELTA: (SGBV) 30-Year-Old Man Who Allegedly Raped 11-year-old Girl, Caught On CCTV

A 30-year-old man in Sapele, Delta State has been arrested by the police for allegedly raping an 11-year-old girl.

Jomaph was exposed by a closed circuit TV on Wednesday at about 7am. The girl was reported to have fallen  victim to him to him after  she went to use the rest room but returned crying narrating that Jomaph their neighbor had raped had raped her.

Our Sources revealed that neighbors gathered to question Mr. Jomaph who denied even setting eyes on the girl and even went ahead of them to invite the police asking for the arrest of the girl and her family on the count on defamation unknown to him, a CCTV camera had caught him.

" Jomaph denied setting eyes on the girl not knowing that the CCTV Camera which belonged to a neighbor that was installed for business revealed that Jomaph entered the rest room right after the girl had entry into the room.

" The Police invited the family of the girl for investigation.
Soon as the neighbor watched footage as captured by his CCTV, and saw Jomaph entering the rest room, he went to the police station and tendered the evidence he had from the footage.

The incident which happened on Oleh road was confirmed by the State Public Relations Officer (PRO) Onome Onowhakpoyeya who said,

" Yes it's true, and the young man Jomaph was   arrested when we discovered that the footage showed that he sneaked into the toilet with the girl.

" The case is still under investigation and will be transferred to the State CID. "

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