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BREAKING : Nigeria Enlisted Among Failed States

Wikipedia has updated it's list of failed states and Nigeria has been enlisted as one of the countries on the list.

According to description, of the free web-based encyclopedia project, as reported by LindaIkeji, a failed state is a political body which has disintegrated to a point where major conditions and power of a ruling government no longer functions.

Below are countries that have been listed as failed states :

- South Sudan
- Afghanistan
- Lebanon
- Sudan
- Yugoslavia
- Liberia
- Rwanda
- Central African Republic
- Democratic Republic of Congo
- Turkey
- Yemen
- Myanmar
- Somalia
- Syria
- Iraq
- Nigeria

Picture credit : LindaIkeji

Further explaining, it said, a state can also fail if the government loses it's legitimacy even if it is  performing it's functions properly. For a stable, it is necessary for the government to enjoy both effectiveness and legitimacy. Likewise when a nation weakens and it's standard of living declines it introduces the possibility of total governmental collapse.

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