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WTO: (Video) Okonjo Iweala, Others Share Vision For Organization As 2nd Phase Of Selection Process Kicks Off

Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala a candidate from Nigeria Vying for the position of the Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO) shares her vision for the organization.

Okonjo speaking said,

"Trade is important for Economic Recovery and Prosperity and the WTO is right in the middle of that. My vision for the WTO is a WTO of purpose ; where Trade is seen as a means of delivering Sustainable Growth and Shared Prosperity."

Watch Video:

Media Orchid recalls that the General Council Chair David Walker of New Zealand made public the Director-General selection timetable for 2020.

Walker informed members on 20 May 2020 the appointment process for the next Director-General would formally commence on 8 June with nominations accepted from that date until 8 July.

The Chair also informed WTO members of nominations as soon as they were received. After 8 July, Chair Walker issued to members a consolidated list of all candidates. At the closure of. The nomination period, candidates were invited to meet with members at a special General Council meeting which took place 15th- 17th July 2020.
At this meeting, they will have the opportunity to present their views and take questions from the membership.

The second phase of the process in which the candidates “make themselves known to members” has started and will end on 7th of September 2020.

On that date, the third phase will begin. Ambassador Walker, together with the Chair of the Dispute Settlement Body (Dacio Castillo of Honduras) and the Chair of the Trade Policy Review Body (Harald Aspelund of Iceland), will then start to consult with all WTO members to assess their preferences and seek to determine which candidate is best placed to attract consensus support.

Charles Walker further said that this phase may involve more than one stage of consultations as members seek to narrow the field of candidates. The third phase will last no more than two months.

See full list of Candidates nominated by their governments and their Biography:

- Media Orchid.

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