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NLC Oppose Okowa's Plan On Slash Of Salaries And Retrenchment

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa had in an emergency meeting last week informed the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Joint negotiating Council in Delta state of the government's decision to retrench workers due to economic impact of COVID-19 on the state.

A leader of the NLC in the state revealed that Gov. Okowa gave some reasons for such plans. Stressing that it's due to the effect the pandemic has on the state thereby making it difficult to sustain the wage bill of the state’s work force.

One of such reasons according to Governor Okowa was that despite the fact that teachers and other workers on salary grade level 1 to 10 were not going to work currently, government had continued with payment of salaries. Government had also continued with the payment of pensioners both in the old and new scheme with high monthly contribution despite the low income to the state.

"The governor also informed them at the meeting that due to the present reality on the ground and government’s dependence on FAAC for most activities, the state cannot sustain the current wage bill considering the impact of COVID-19 on the world's economy and appealed for some sacrifice from the workforce." he said.

The idea was strongly opposed by the labour unions however bringing the decision to another issue of slashing of  salaries of workers from grade levels 7 to 17 while 25 per cent will be slashed from political appointees in his administration instead of the retrenchment.  A decision which workers still kicked against while accusing the governor of being rather hard hearted and inconsiderate.

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