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BREAKING : Disjointed And Guillotined Body Of Gokada CEO Found in Plastic Bags In Apartment.

Body of a Nigerian based CEO of the motorbike startup Gokada was found in plastic bags inside a lower East side apartment in NYC on Tuesday Afternoon.

New York post reported that the police arrived the scene after a cousin of the Saleh the deceased made a request for the police to run checks at the house of the late CEO in E. Houston Street building.

The police upon reaching the house found beside the body an electric saw. Searching further they discovered his arms, legs and lower body parts which were removed and put in plastic bags in the apartment.

A surveillance footage which last captured the vicitim on Monday at about 1:40pm as he made to enter the elevator of his building which opens on the floor of his own apartment which is the 7th floor. In the footage the suspected killer was seen carrying a bag waiting to get into the elevator with the victim. Apparently uneasy the victim was seen in the footage giving puzzled looks at the suspect.

According to police sources, the suspect attacked the Saleh the victim soon as he  stepped out into the apartment.

Fahim Saleh Pathao was a Bangladeshi-American who founded and invested in several transportation-related start-ups.

In December 2017, he also Co founded Pathao, a ride hailing company in Bangladesh the country home of his parents. About 2 years after, he  Co founded Gokada which is an on-demand, motorbike company in Lagos Nigeria and took over as its CEO in April 2019 seeing it's  transformation to dispatch ride services in the recent Coronavirus pandemic.

See video of remains of Saleh been removed by Medical Examiners.

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