Transparency and Integrity


Political Accountability, Good Governance and The Need For Self Appraisal.

Senator Samuel Anyanwu shares one of his favorite quotes in his Democracy Day Message on Friday June 12 2020. Stressing the need for the electorates to realize the power that lies in their decision making.

"The Ultimate rulers of our Democracy are not Presidents, Senators, Congressmen and Government officials,
The ultimate rulers of Democracy are the Voters".
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt.

This year's democracy day celebration calls for a deep reflection on the essence, relevance and need to preserve our hard earned democracy.
It is also a wake up call for the citizenry to realize how powerful it is.

As we celebrate the 21st anniversary of our democracy, we all must first do a self appraisal on the quality of decisions we make as a people knowing that advocating for and pursuing good governance begins with making Conscious efforts to participate in the electoral process of our dear country Nigeria.

In doing so, political accountability is established which in turn will facilitate the dividends of democracy which we so hoped for.

I encourage us all to keep the faith.
Precepts upon precepts, and hand in hand,
Together we will make the Nigeria of our dreams.

Happy Democracy Day.

~ Senator Samuel Anyanwu.

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