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Nigeria Bleeding In The Hands Of People Who Can't Manage Their Party - Fayose

The Former Governor of Ekiti State,  Ayodele Fayose has lamented that the All Progressives Congress (APC) government was pushing Nigeria to a state of total destruction, noting that there was no how people who can not manage the affairs of their own party and immediate family will be able to manage the affairs of a country.

According to a statement on Sunday,  signed by his Spokesperson, Lere Olayinka, the former governor lamented that the country was bleeding seriously, with democracy being threatened because of the rudderless people making and implementing policies for the nation.

Fayose,  who called on all Nigerians to rise and salvage the country from the All Progressives Congress (APC), said "recent happenings in the APC, especially concerning Edo State and Ondo States are pointers to the fact that the country is under the government of a rudderless party that is heading so fast towards the rocks.

"Gold is only sold to those who know the worth. Sadly, Nigeria is currently being managed by strange bed fellow, who took the country by conspiracy and deception.

 "Now,  our country is bleeding seriously and we must salvage it together," Fayose said.

Speaking further, the former governor said; "What is happening to the APC in Edo and Ondo State is a pointer to the helpless situation that our country is now. Imagine a sitting deputy governor being harassed by the commissioner of police right inside the government house. 

"Even if the deputy governor is decamping to another party,  does that give the Police Commissioner right to hold him hostage? Is there any law in this country, permitting police to prevent a deputy governor from using his official vehicles just because he is changing political party?

"That's the level of threat that democracy is facing in our country under this APC and sadly, the President who should be the leader of the party cannot manage his immediate family not to talk of managing his party or the affairs of the nation.

"A president who could not even prevent shooting spree right inside the presidential villa, the seat of power in Nigeria.

"I foretold all these and I want to reiterate that it will get messier unless Nigerians rise and take their destinies in their own hands."

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