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COVID-19 : Gender Based Violence On Display As Ogun State Task Force Beat Up A Woman, And Demand Money

The Ogun state task force team are caught on camera violating a woman's rights as a member of the team beats her up and demand the sum of Fifteen Thousand Naira.

Mrs Tolu who took to Twitter to reveal in a video while she narrated her experience on how she was abused and physically assaulted by a member of the team for allegedly crossing an intersection between Lagos and Ogun state. She stressed that it wasn't properly marked.

Explaining further Mrs Tolu narrated how her  husband's ID Card was seized and the officers insisted they wanted to be driven to the office in car of the couple which the couple objected to because of the strict precautionary measures put in place to curtail the spread of Covid-19 in this  Pandemic.

The officers who got furious by the couples refusal unleashed terror on Mrs Tolu soon as they got to the office.

The Government state thought it's official handle on Twitter responded to the complainant and assured her that investigation would commence immediately and culprits would be sanctioned.

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