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Call Sega Awosanya Now -Nigerian Youths To First Lady Aisha Buhari

Young Twitter users in response to the first lady, her Excellency Aisha Buhari,s complain about detention of her aides have asked that she reaches out to Segun Awosanya popularly known as Sega. A Human Rights Activist with a special passion for seeking justice for the oppressed especially those arrested and detained unlawfully.
This was after the first lady on Friday 12 June 2020 took to twitter to call on government agencies to be mindful of the existence and spread of Covid-19 and asking that her staff be released from police custody after Sabiu Yusuf a personal assistant to President Buhari gave an order for the arrest of Aisha Buhari's aides.

Sabiu was said to have been ejected from the villa after he returned to the F.C.T Abuja from Lagos and failed to comply with the directives of the WHO and NCDC which requires that he self isolates for a specific number of days. His action was interpreted as a deliberate plot to expose the president's family or put them in possible danger of getting infected.

Aisha Buhari's tweet read

"That Covid-19 is real and still very much around in our nation is not in doubt. Consequently, I call on all relevant Government Agencies to enforce the Quarantine Act signed by Mr. President and ensure no one is found violating this law and the NCDC guidelines especially on interstate travel without the necessary exemptions for movement of essentials,” she said.

“Anyone who does that should at the very least be made to under go a 14 days mandatory isolation no matter who the person is, no one should be above the law and the Police command will do well to remember that.

“Finally, I call on the IGP to release my assigned Staff who are still in the custody of the Police in order to avoid putting their lives in danger or exposure to Covid-19 while in their custody.”

Aisha Buhari On Twitter 

While Nigerians anticipate a word from  Garba Shehu, the presidential spokesperson, there has been mixed reactions to her tweet.
Some Concerned Nigerian Youths in response have pleaded with the first lady Aisha Buhari to reach out to Sega who they believe will help secure the release of her aides from Police Custody speedily.

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