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APC: Tinubu Pays Trbute To Dissolved NWC, Charges Members To Unite

Bola Tinubu, National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, on Saturday stated his position on the dissolution of the Party's National Working Committee, NWC.
Tinubu said such a decision was an indication that APC was gradually becoming the party it was intended to be.

In a statement he personally signed, the former Lagos State governor lamented that the party has been plagued with conflicts over leadership.
He, however, commended the immediate past NWC for their work during the last elections.
According to Tinubu: “I wish to begin my remarks by commending members of the National Working Committee. Under their collective stewardship, the party earned great and important victories, not least the vital second mandate handed to President Buhari. President Buhari’s victory and the overall electoral success of APC speak highly of them.
“Our task as a party is to build upon the progress thus made, so that both nation and party may advance to their better future.
“Yet, we must acknowledge that something important has gone off track. For some months we have experienced growing disagreement within the leadership of the party. This unfortunate competition had grown so intense as to impair the performance of the NWC, thus undermining the internal cohesion and discipline vital to success.
“Some people have gone so far as to predict the total disintegration of our party. Most such dire predictions were from critics whose forecasts said more about their ill will than they revealed about our party’s objective condition. Predictions of the APC’s imminent demise are premature and mostly mean-spirited. However, an honest person must admit the party had entered a space where it had no good reason to be.”
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