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Curfew As 6 People Get Killed In Kwara Over Looting Of Food Items In A Warehouse


The Governor of Kwara State Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has declared curfew in illorin following the shooting and killing of six persons by security operatives who had broken into a warehouse to loot food items.

Reports from PeoplesGazette revealed that security operatives were called upon on  after residents took siege of a warehouse and looted away food items on Friday believing that the God items were  Covid-19 palliatives which had been hidden.

Security Operatives arrived and in an attempt to disperse people from the warehouse opened fire leading to the death of at least 6 persons and many injured. 

Governor Abdulrazaq in a broadcast at 11:30 pm declared a 24hrs curfew in Ilorin the Kwara state capital and ordered an investigation into the killing of civilians during the pandemonium caused by the looting.

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